United Lead Group is built on relationships - between borrowers and lenders, between our partners and our customers and finally between your expectations and our delivery.

Using industry-leading data aggregation and analytics tools to generate a high volume  of qualified leads, we offer our partners targeted leads based on the services they sell and the customers they need to connect with.

We invested in your success - your repeat business depends on providing you with the highest ROI. We transfer, you sell!

United Lead Group -- Together we build a better tomorrow!

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About Us

At United Lead Group, we pride ourselves for superior customer service, and the highest quality leads available in today’s marketplace.

UnitedLeadGroup.com is the Top Choice in the Sales Lead Industry 

"Just closed a transfer. Earned $7000 gross in commissions! The leads are working wonderfully. The best investment anyone can make!!"

- Rick Martinez, Loan Officer 

United Lead Group is run by a team with over 20 years experience in the lead generation and sales business. We wanted a better way to serve leads to our customers than a spreadsheet with thousands of entries, so we built a team to connect directly with customers actively shopping for financial services.  We run marketing campaigns off- and online to generate live transfer leads on the phone to serve direct to your sales departments.  Try United Lead Group today for as little as $10 per live transfer (compared to over $60 / lead with our competition)

Since 2010

United Lead Group is a premier provider of targeted online marketing services. The company streamlines the client acquisition process by matching targeted consumers with top service providers. Since 2010, ULG has connected over 3 million highly motivated consumers with financial services firms across 40 verticals.


In 2012, ULG launched several new initiatives including ReduceMyPayment.co to capitalize on the growing our data base and bettering our customers live transfer campaigns. United Lead Group is privately held company located in San Francisco, California.


United Lead Group
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