United Lead Group is built on relationships - between borrowers and lenders, between our partners and our customers and finally between your expectations and our delivery.

Using industry-leading data aggregation and analytics tools to generate a high volume  of qualified leads, we offer our partners targeted leads based on the services they sell and the customers they need to connect with.

We invested in your success - your repeat business depends on providing you with the highest ROI. We transfer, you sell!

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Do you dream of a 100% contact rate for your auto insurance sales people? Turn your dream into reality with our auto insurance live transfers!


Ask yourself: why are you cold calling customers when they could be calling you?


We know how difficult it can be to keep the pipeline full of quality auto insurance leads for your business, so we developed a system to pre-screen potential customers through our call centers before transferring them directly to one of your salespeople. We generate our opt-in auto insurance leads using online marketing, direct mailers, print advertisements and other highly targeted strategies. No more “dial and pray” when using our effective and proven technique.


Whether you’re a small insurance firm looking to drive new business or a large company trying to keep your salespeople busy, our leads are the best bang for your marketing buck. Stack your sales floor with “hunters” and let us go “gather” the auto insurance live transfers for you.


Companies fail every day because they don’t have the marketing expertise or lead gen ability to maintain and grow sales in a competitive marketplace. Stop prospecting and cold calling and save yourself time and money by purchasing our pre-qualified opt-in auto insurance leads.


In addition to our standard leads we offer auto insurance live transfers with a 100% contact rate that convert 2-5X more than traditional lead sources. Our customers report seeing up to a 20% closing ratio using our live transfer leads.


Now, are you ready to make more money and close more deals with less effort? Get in touch with our team to learn more about our opt-in real time auto insurance leads today!

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