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Life insurance

If you sell life insurance, you know you’re selling peace of mind. If you work with one of our campaign managers to try our life insurance leads, you’ll soon experience the peace of mind that comes from dependable, quality leads.


We generate our opt-in life insurance leads using online marketing, direct mailers, print advertisements and other highly targeted strategies directed towards your ideal policy holder.


We know how difficult it can be to keep the pipeline full of quality real time life insurance leads for your business, so we developed a system to pre-screen potential customers through our call centers before transferring them directly to one of your salespeople.


Ask yourself: are you cold calling customers when they could be calling you? Are you spending more time prospecting life insurance leads than selling life insurance plans?


Our life insurance live transfers send inbound calls from real people looking for insurance directly to your salesperson’s phone. No spreadsheets, no cold calling - 100% contact rate. Selling health insurance makes you money, playing with Excel doesn’t. Try our life insurance live transfers to start closing more deals today!

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