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Loan Modification


There are over 2 million homeowners projected to foreclose in the next year, despite the worst of the sub-prime mortgage crisis being over. Others who have been more fortunate are taking advantage of low federal interest rates in order to refinance their homes to save money. If you’re in the loan modification business, our real time loan mod leads will put you in touch with real folks actively shopping for a loan mod.


We generate our opt-in loan mod leads using online marketing, direct mailers, print advertisements and other highly targeted strategies toward businesses looking to grow their online presence.


Our loan mod leads contain dozens of data points on homeowners actively seeking out loan modifications. United Lead Group can help target your loan mod leads in specific states, price ranges, or through other filters to narrow down your ideal applicant.


Loan modification live transfer leads have a 100% contact rate and put you on the phone with a real person who has been pre-qualified through our call center and transferred directly to your sales line.


Ask yourself: why are you cold calling customers when they could be calling you?

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